But what I realise is that there are even more fans out there that we haven’t got to meet. Fans in villages, and homes and towns and cities all over the world, all over the planet of fans and I just want to say to them, thank you very much for being fans of Doctor Who because Doctor Who belongs to you and the only reason that we here who have the privilege of making the programme are here is because of you. Thank you.
—Peter addressing the audience in Rio at the end of the Doctor Who World Tour. (via kitt66)

Clara Oswin Oswald's UNIT profile.


Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Jenna Coleman, Doctor Who Mexico Premiere (x)


The tiny TARDIS landed in Rio de Janeiro yesterday just in time for the #DWWorldTourBR


The shoes are great. I like the trousers too. I like it all actually.


Peter & Jenna meet the press in New York
  • Peter:It’s a different show from when I was growing up
  • Jenna:Now it’s in colour,
  • THM.