supernatural croatoan master post


i hope you like it minions this is my first master post and im ready for duty ! beware the virus!


No one’s spent more time in the woods of Beacon Hills than you.


tbh I hope shelley hennig (malia) stays for the rest of the show. if not for stalia, if not for her amazing character development I know is coming, but for the simple fact that derek hale needs another hale family member that isn’t going to leave or betray him. His whole family dies. Cora leaves…

you s e r i o u s l y need to find something better than a baseball bat.


I honestly can not wait for Malia to find out she is a Hale. It scares me because it will probably damage Stalia,but I just want her to find out so badly. I especially want her to bond with Derek. Hale family feels…


How can someone not like Stiles?!

Did you like new episode ‘Orphaned’ ?

If they don’t wanna be found, then we’re not gonna find them.